Sometimes, putting emotions, knowledge and experiences into words is so difficult – working with, learning from and growing through EFT classes and meditation with Sara is one of those instances.   The changes that have occurred in my life and in my very spirit through working with Sara are so wonderful; my self esteem has grown, my ability to focus, to set boundaries in not just my personal life, but my professional, has changed for the better.
Sara takes time to listen, really listen, and find the tools YOU need to improve in all aspects of your life.  Her smile lights up a room and her compassion and passion are immeasurable.  
I have gone from not being able to sit still for even 30 seconds, to being able to meditate for 30 minutes or more.  I have obtained my voice and am a much better communicator for it.  I have established boundaries that have been completely life changing.

The group that meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month is a must.  The shared acceptance and encouragement is beautiful.  
Thank you, Sara for all you have done and continue to do. ~~~~Shani S – Austin Texas

I had back surgery 20 years ago to correct severe curvature in my spine. As a result, I have two metal rods fused to my spine which not only limits my mobility and flexibility, but causes me a great deal of pain. Over the years, I’ve seen countless massage therapists, acupuncturists, physical therapists and even neurosurgeons to try and remedy the chronic pain in my body, but none have been able to help. Further, many people I’ve seen have even exacerbated the problem.

Sara is the first professional I’ve seen who has made a difference. A genuine healer, Sara has a wealth of knowledge and arsenal under her belt to customize the best treatment approaches for her clients. She offers the ability to think outside the box and customize treatment to meet her unique clients’ needs, rather than just throwing a traditional massage at everyone who walks through the door. Sara is a warm and enthusiastic person who truly knows her stuff. If you’re looking for a traditional massage, I’m sure she can provide it, but her main goal is to heal. Go in with an open mind and (with your input) she will do what she feels will be most effective…and it WILL be. For me, Sara is truly a godsend and I cannot thank her or recommend her highly enough. ~~~ Erin K, Austin Texas

“I have known Sara Illig since 2005, when I sought her out for massage therapy. Later after counseling with her, I discovered that she was qualified in EFT techniques that could help those that experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the beginning I was not very confident because of an earlier experience I had with another counselor.

To make my point after receiving her counseling along with the non-invasive techniques of stress relief, I have come to accept her instructions and sessions with the utmost confidence in her abilities and experience. I would enthusiastically positively endorse her to my fellow veterans that are experiencing any type of stressful feelings.”~~~ Fernando N. Gomez, USMC, Combat Veteran Retired

“I can’t recall a time in the last decade feeling this light or clear headed. Sara’s innate gifts and wondrous skills enable her to tune into the immeasurable depths of one’s soul. And all the while, empowering her clients to tune into the infinite possibilities of their own Divine existence. I recommend anyone seeking relief from physical, emotional, and/or spiritual discomfort give Sara a call! Her passion and trust for who she is and what she knows is radiant and contagious. Sara, I am forever grateful and honored to be a client and student of yours! I appreciate your light, your honesty, and guidance.” ~~~ Anita P. Austin, Texas

“In the year we’ve been working together, Sara has helped me in profound ways. I am healthier that I ever thought possible. I am eternally grateful for her contribution to my life. I believe in her abilities as a healer, but most of all, I believe in her.” ~~~  Heather R. Austin Texas

“The work Sara does is awesome… truly, as in powerful, mysterious, and inspiring. Her skill at helping others to move through even the most deeply entrenched issues is phenomenal. I go deeper and make more internal changes in one session with Sara than I typically would in a month of therapy. She doesn’t pull punches but you know she is always by your side, and it is always abundantly clear that her heart is in her work.” ~~~  Chris F.,  Austin Texas

“Due to my career and lifestyle, my body requires regular, deep tissue massages. Before I started going to Sara I would hop around from therapist to therapist, spa to spa. I am relieved I found someone that understands my needs and addresses them each time. You won’t be disappointed with Sara relieving your body’s demands.” ~~~ JF -Boomerang’s Pies,  Austin Texas

“I’d like to acknowledge the healing and restorative nature of Sara’s work. Without her help getting through some very difficult physical and emotional times would have been a much more difficult and challenging endeavor. Thank you for all the years of healing you have given” ~~~ Dan C. , Austin Texas

“Sara is a dedicated and talented massage therapist. What I most appreciate about her massage is her being present during the process at every moment, and her love is felt in my warm, relaxed muscles for days afterwards. When I need healing or just to treat myself, I immediately think of Sara’s massage. Thanks so much for your loving hands.” ~~~ Helen I.,  Austin Texas

” She was able to help me with my many sports injuries that I had and boy, I have lots of sport related injuries!! I had great strain in my left shoulder from sports and she was able to relief the tension in my shoulder which helped tremendously. It is much better than having surgery! Thanks for all the healing, Sara!!” ~~~  Elisabeth, Austin Texas

“Thank you for the amazing session yesterday. I always feel so free and uplifted after your sessions. Today I went to work and was reaching out to everyone! I was a social butterfly. It was so much fun! THANK YOU!!! You are awesome, girl!” ~~~Christine B.,  Austin Texas

I had had trouble being willing to go to bed and would stay up very late and sleep very late the next day. After my life got more active, I was motivated to have longer days and therefore needed to go to bed earlier, but I was still afraid to, as if I had to stay alert and awake. Sara and I worked on this one day, and that very night I became so tired about 8:30 pm that I had to fall into bed and was asleep before 9 pm. I awoke the next day at 6 am and felt good all day because I had time to pursue my interests. This makes me feel more in control of my life and more confident about making choices. ~~ Joyce C., Austin Texas