Dissociation- The Trauma Capsule

When a traumatic event occurs, it exceeds the capacity of a person or child’s ability to cope and something called a Trauma Capsule, is often created to help them cope. For self preservation, the trauma gets wrapped in a capsule, setting it aside safely. Dissociation occurs, bringing the individual to a place they can function. If it didn’t get set aside, the rest of their world wouldn’t be able to make sense, they would not be able to cope. When emotional abuse occurs, it particularly effects self worth and self esteem. It brings in emotions like internalized shame or resentment that make it difficult to trust one’s self.  This too is treated as a traumatic event.

If the traumatized person is a child and the abuser is their parent, it is confusing that the source of abuse and pain is also their source of comfort and nourishment. This is not only true with obvious abuse, but with cases of neglect as well. It forces the individual to put what is too difficult to cope with safely in a capsule tucked away in their psyche. Eventually they will exhibit symptoms somewhere on a spectrum of an anxiety or stress disorder , commonly called PTSD.

When a person is in fear of survival and they are overwhelmed, dissociation, a freeze response sets in. It occurs especially when there is no physical escape from the event. Dissociation as a  freeze response is a similar mechanism to playing possum. In reality, the possum is actually not playing, its body goes int to a frozen response as a survival mechanism; its heart rate slows, breathing slows etc… We do a similar thing, freeze, numb out, leave our body and or feel petrified in the face of inescapable fear.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, breath work and other energy medicine techniques provide a safe way to reconnect. It creates an avenue for body-mind connection while re-framing and releasing the charge around the encapsulated event. This connection is crucial for more permanent and thorough healing to occur. Often, a trauma may be released in a session or two with permanent results. For deep rooted trauma consisting of many events, more session work may be required however, getting to the root events will often alleviate some of the smaller events that are also psychologically associated.



EFT Resolves Financial Belly Ache

“The retirement accounts got hit pretty hard in the collapse of 2009.” he said. “Ive had this mysterious pain in my lower right stomach ever since. Ive been to all sorts of doctors and specialists. I have had every test in the book done and no one can tell me that there is a thing medically wrong with me. I have come to the conclusion that it must be mental or emotionally based.”

The pain was only a little less than it used to be. Of all the things he had tried, counseling, chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, doctors, MRI, he said stretching and yoga were the most helpful, but still, the pain lingered incessantly.The fact that yoga helped at all seemed a good indicator to me that a meridian based therapy was a hopeful direction for his mysterious condition.

During intake, he explained how during the financial crisis of 2009 he had been responsible for handling other’s retirement funds. He received a lot of blame, even got sued by one man. He felt guilty, sad and at the same time knew he had explained the risks of investment to his clients at the time.
Since that time, a knot appeared in his side the size of a baseball.

We began tapping some rounds together…

Even though they blame me… I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though a part of me feels guilty… I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though they think Im an a*# hole and they suffered loss… I still deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though they wanted me to suffer too since they were suffering, I am willing to release my self from suffering for all our good. I forgive them in every way I am able for wanting to share their pain with me.
I am willing to be released.

The sensation in the knot began to shift. “Wow! This is great stuff he said.”
We tapped several rounds on the specific event of a man suing him over his loses. Tapping….He wanted me to suffer. I still love myself.
He wanted me to lose. I still accept myself.
It was so stressful I got a knot in my belly! I still love and accept myself.

We tapped for a full 90 min EFT session.
Afterwards he said the pain had subsided.
We followed up with some abdominal massage. While the knot was still present at the beginning of the massage, there was no pain. By the end of the massage, the knot had disappeared.

“I’ll give you a call tomorrow,” he said. “Usually when I get work done on my belly, its better temporarily and then it comes back a few hours later with a vengeance.”

I didnt hear from him the next day. After several days, I sent him a message asking how his condition was. He said. “All good, Sara. Still feeling great…Thanks again!.”

Whew!!!  -Financial belly ache resolved!