How to Brew a Cup of Rhodiola Tea

Rhodiola Rosea

People in the high mountain areas of Central Asia and circumpolar regions have been making tea from Rhodiola rosea roots for many hundred years.  Used throughout the past 4 millennia primarily for its stimulating properties, modern research has shown it to also have many beneficial adaptogenic effects.

There are many ways of brewing medicinal tea, and Rhodiola rosea is no exception.  However, to obtain the highest quality in terms of effect as well as enjoyment, one must start with pure, organic, hand-processed, rapdily dried roots.  By purchasing our  Alaskan Rhodiola tea, you will be assured of this important first step. Within 2 weeks of harvest, the root is washed, hand-sliced, and dried at an optimum temperature to minimize rosavin degradation.   The sliced dried root is then bagged and kept in cool, dry storage. This is to further minimize the effects of oxidation – which actually turns root to a pinkish red color – and to contain its rose-like bouquet. 

It is simple to prepare a great cup of Rhodiola rosea tea.  The trick is knowing how much to use and how long to let it steep, as the strength of the tea is an individual preference.  However, it is important to note that this is not a quick morning instant brew. To get as much of the beneficial ingredients, it takes time for the rosavins and salidrosides so dissolve into the water along with the other ingredients that impart the rose-like bouquet and color. However, the longer it steeps, the “earthier” the taste, so you have to decide for yourself.  Steep it for a couple hours?  Overnight?  Somewhere in between?

Here is a good starting point:

Use 5 grams of rhodiola root (about one tablespoon of flakes) per desired cup.  For a more robust tea, you can grind it down even more but the tea will not be as clear due to the sediment.  But it will be more potent! Pour in the corresponding amount of boiling water. Most people like it steeped at least 2 hours, and you can increase or decrease the strength by altering the steeping time.  A convenient way is to steep it overnight so that it is ready in the morning.  Make enough for the entire week. 

You will notice that the color deepens from a pale pinkish-amber to a deeper reddish color over time, and the taste becomes increasingly “earthy”. You may also want to experiment by adding in sweeteners such as honey or birch syrup.  However you want to enjoy it, just remember that drinking it late in the afternoon or evening may keep you awake at night.  


Rhodiola Rosea -A Revolutionary Herb

by Sara illig


What if I told you that there is a plant, a magical plant that helps fight the effects of stress and aging, sharpens your memory and concentration, maximizes your energy, protects against heart disease and cancer, eases anxiety and depression, improves your sexual function, is anti-aging, enhances physical performance and blocks fat for weight loss?Well there is such a plant; it is an adaptogen known as Rhodiola Rosea also known as golden root. This ancient and safe herbal gem has been scientifically proven to do all of the above.

Check out this book out on the market:  ‘The Rhodiola Revolution’ by Richard Brown, MD and Patricia L Gerbarg, MD.  It proved to be an enlightening read including many case studies as well as dosage information for various conditions.

Ready for Energy?

The best kind of Rhodiola Rosea is Alaskan Rhodiola or Siberian rhodiola. Dont let the brands from Oregon and other places fool you,  it needs sub-arctic and high altitude conditions to grow and develop the properties to help your brain adapt to extreme conditions. It proves a good medicine for those who suffer from anxiety, stress, fatigue, travel fatigue, depression and for those who want to boost the immune system, enhance energy levels and physical performance. It is used in NASA  space program to keep astronauts mentally sharp and cognitively healthy  when enduring long periods of time without gravity. Elite athletes use it for these reasons as well as for enhancing physical performance. Evidence further indicates that Rhodiola Rosea works to repair DNA, protecting against cancer and heart disease.

Rhodiola Rosea greatly enhanced my quality of life. Perhaps it could do the same for you.

In general a low dosage to start is a good idea, if you dont feel anything in 3-7 days you can try a little higher dosage. Most people do well on under 300 mgs. But one should begin with a much lower dose it seems, closer to 100mg. Some people are sensitive and may need as little as 50 mg, while others are in need of a higher dose of around 500mg.

This herb should be taken in the morning 20-30 min before food for best results. An additional dose is sometimes taken 20-30 min before lunch, however, use caution and dont take it late in the day. It could interfere with your sleep. It could also be that during the first week or so your dreams can be very vivid. In addition, since Rhodiola Rosea has some stimulative properties it can be beneficial to take it easy on the caffeinated beverages until getting used to a new level of energy.

I like the brands Alaskan Rhodiaola, Ameriden, Gaia. In general though seek a brand that contains 3% rosavins or more. Ask your doctor about Rhodiola Rosea and the proper dosage for you. And if they dont know about it yet, recommend the book The Rhodiola Revolution to them and see what they have to say.

Enjoy your new found freedom!