Sara illig, LMT, MTI
EFT Expert
Meditation Teacher
Serving Austin Since 1996

Sara has a natural talent for helping her clientele achieve  a new balance in life offering transformational life coaching, healing and mentoring services. She specializes in the relief of long term pain, physically and emotionally and difficult to fix issues. Her techniques include  Deep tissue Massage, Swedish, Sports, Structural Evaluation, Myofascial Release, Cupping, Meridian Scraping Therapy (guasha), Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) , Meditation, Breath work, Group Tapping Sessions and Transformational Life Coaching which includes  Energy Medicine and/or Psychology Techniques. Further areas of interest in study  include Quantum Medicine, Ancestral Work and Birth Consciousness Clearing techniques.

A personal message from Sara:

There was a time I lived in pain- filled devastation as a result of a traumatic childhood. I later came to realize it was a divine gift; it guided me persistently and passionately in the fields of psychology, body and energy psychology and energy work. For over two decades, I have explored every angle of the human experience I could get my hands on, leading me to a profound love for and fascination with quantum medicine.

“Quantum (Body-mind) medicine is a profound science of possibilities, we are only just beginning to explore. To me it is a deeply welcomed bridge between a spiritual human experience and science.  It is also a necessary piece of mindbody/ whole person integration.  I choose EFT as my main tool, because it’s the only thing I found in over 20 years that really works and stands the test of time. It works instantly and often permanently, and it’s easy and fun! I have had successful outcome with cases of  general stress relief, PTSD,  emotional trauma, sexual abuse, chemical sensitivity, eating disorders, pain management, migraines, headaches, peak performance, rashes and skin conditions, eyesight, grief, loss and relationship issues, creating abundance, healing animals and more.

I look forward to more success stories!