EFT FAQ -Before you try it…..

Are Emotional Freedom Techniques Safe?

EFT are natural, non-invasive, chemical free and self paced techniques. The body’s built-in, natural healing system works to self-correct and create balance in your body and psyche. Some people may experience uncomfortable sensations while processing and/ or discharging accumulated emotional energy. This is a transitional temporary discomfort and with continued tapping it usually diminishes quickly.

What am I’m feeling in my body?

There is a wide range of physical sensations people experience when discharging accumulated stress or tension. Your experience is individual and you may experience some, all or none of these things: tingling, itching, belching, crying, laughing.. you may feel sleepy or waves of energy moving through your body. This is a very natural occurrence and a healthy response as the body and your system re-calibrates. Keep breathing and tapping and that strange sensation will dissipate.

If you are NOT experiencing any of these things, that does not mean EFT isnt working. It means the brain may be processing differently and a shift could be as subtle as a shift in perception of your issue. Each session will bring a different experience.

If you start feeling overwhelmed, slow down and BREATHE. Stay present with the sensation in your body and KEEP TAPPING. It is not necessary to keep saying words in this state. Just tap and breathe until the sensation subsides. You may even try tapping while saying something like “I accept this is how I feel right now.”

What do I do if I begin to remember things I had previously blocked out?

It is not uncommon to gain access to forgotten incidents. Continue to Tap and breathe and stay in a place of compassion toward yourself. Try to slow down and tap through the memory one step at a time. Stating out loud what you are remembering while you continue tapping will help you pass through the experience. It can be useful to get a private session with an EFT practitioner for trouble spots and devote and entire session to that specifc incident.

What if I don’t get all the way through my original issue during the Group Circle?

You have 4 options, depending on your level of intensity: 1.Bring it back to the Circle next week and keep going. 2.Schedule a private EFT session with a practitioner. 3.Work on it by Tapping on your own.

What if another, deeper issue comes up during my Tapping?

This is a common occurrence that the root, or core issue will come up while tapping on a more recent incident. Continue tapping and sift your focus to the core issue.