I am here to help you authentically heal yourself. On the inside and out, I support you in transforming the painful state of your life. My desire is to help you achieve the best possible health mentally, physically and emotionally. In our journey together, we may use a variety of techniques to get there. We will find the right place of comfort for your healing to take place.

It is my honor and pleasure to assist you on your journey. Please dont hesitate to reach out with questions.. or you are certainly welcome to utilize my online booking system.

I invite you to watch the video below and scroll through my site; you will find articles, announcements, and links about things I find interesting. Please also view the terms and conditions before viewing this site.

COVID19 UPDATE: Until further notice Integrative Massage and Emotional Freedom.me is available for ONLINE VIDEO or PHONE SESSIONS ONLY. online booking is available for EFT sessions. Massage therapy is closed.

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